Academic Papers

Course Completion Works
Title Author Text Type Institution Year
New perspectives for ethnic and cultural strengthening through audiovisual knowledge Fábio Pereira de Oliveira CCW UFRN 2019
The imaginary of Catu people in urban zones – intervention tactics to fight prejudice against Indigenous culture Cícero Pinheiro de Andrade Neto CCW UFRN 2017
Reconsidering the ethnic recognition to rights assurance: an analysis through the experience of the Tapuia people from the Tapará Lagoon - Macaíba/RN Allyne Dayse Macedo de Moura CCW UNI-RN 2015
To be Indigenous living on the beach: ethnic emergence and territoriality at Sagi. Louíse Caroline Goes Branco CCW UFRN 2012
Master Dissertation/ Doctoral Thesis
Title Author Text Type Institution Year
“There is no conflict if we change the perspective”: the intercultural coexistence experience of the Potiguara do Catu people in a non-Indigenous school (Goianinha/RN, 2015-2019) Tiago Cerqueira Santos Master Dissertation UFRJ
The return of the Paiaku people: Indigenous migrations and mobilizations within the captaincies of Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará (1700-1768) Ristephany Kelly da Silva Leite Master Dissertation UFRN 2020
Potiguara people and Tarairiú people get on topic: the Indigenous theme in history textbooks of Rio Grande do Norte schools (1952-1994) Flademir Gonçalves Dantas Master Dissertation UFRN 2020
Epistemological diversity in astronomy teaching: a study material for teachers involving Guarani knowledge about the sky Letícia dos Santos Fonsêca Master Dissertation UFRN 2020
Caboclos do Assú: cosmography and ethnic identity in Rio Grande do Norte (2005-2020) Kamyla Raphaely Macêdo Monteiro Master Dissertation UFRN 2020
Life and knowledge intertwined: the indigenous school in Katu-RN José Alberto da Silva Master Dissertation UERN 2020
Indigenous knowledge, movement culture and interculturality: scenarios in the Catu community/RN Carlos Gomes de Medeiros Neto Master Dissertation UFRN 2019
“There is Indigenous blood and sweat in here”: resistance, ethnicity and political mobilization of the Tapuia people from the Tapará Lagoon – RN Allyne Dayse Macedo de Moura Master Dissertation UFRN 2019
Human responses and self-care culture of Indigenous elderly: a mixed methods study Carlos Jordão de Assis Silva Master Dissertation UFRN 2019
Indigenous literacy and school education: a decolonial experience analysis Dayveson Noberto da Costa Pereira Master Dissertation UFRN 2019
The Indigenous art beyond the cliché: new approaches in art classes. Rafaela Farias Nóbrega Master Dissertation UFRN 2018
Reports on the massacre of 70 Indians in the Serra de Portalegre/RN: lines of argumentation in discourses of Indigenous leaders and elementary school students Maria Mônica de Freitas Master Dissertation UERN 2018
The school the Indigenous want: Potiguara Indigenous scholarship experience at Catu dos Eleotérios in Canguaretama/ RN (2009 – 2018) Halisson Seabra Cardoso Doctoral Thesis UFRJ
Ethnoknowledge on medicinal plants and interrelationships with the environment in the Catu community, Canguaretama (RN, Brazil) Amanda Stefanie Sérgio da Silva Master Dissertation UFRN 2018
“We, the Potiguara do Catu people”: ethnic arising and territorialization in Rio Grande do Norte on the 21th century Gildy-Cler Ferreira Da Silva Master Dissertation UFRN 2016
Potiguara de Sagi: from invisibility to ethnic recognition Maria Gorete Nunes Pereira Master Dissertation UFRN 2015
Tourism within rural areas and tradition communities: an analysis of Catu’s community perceptions Tatiana Moritz Master Dissertation UFRN 2010
Mendonça do Amarelão: open and closed pathways through Indigenous identity in Rio Grande do Norte Jussara Galhardo Aguirres Guerra Master Dissertation UFPE 2007
“The pursuit of reality”: the experience of Eleotérios ethnicity (Catu/ RN) Claudia Maria Moreira da Silva Master Dissertation UFRN 2007
Journal articles and texts written to annals of scientific events
Title Author Text Type Periódico Year
Indigenous sustainability and identity: a road map through the cultural trails of Catu territory. Creusa Ribeiro da Silva Lelis,
Francisco do Nascimento Lima
Article IFRN 2014
Being “Indigenous” and being “caboclo potiguar”: Indigenous history and identity process in the Caboclos do Assu community Jailma Nunes Viana de Oliveira Article mneme – revista de humanidades 2014
Caboclos do Assú: Indigenous arising, identity and territoriality in Rio Grande do Norte Jailma Nunes Viana de Oliveira Article Anais de evento 2013
Title Author Text Type Institution Year
MIKÛATIAMIRI Diego Oliveira de Andrade,
Dioclécio Bezerra da Costa,
Vânia Aparecida Costa
Book UFRN 2021
Monitoring Indigenous Lands in Eastern and Northeastern Brazil Ana Paula Lima,
Jurema Machado
Primer/Guide ANAI 2021
Rio Grande do Norte Indigenous Cultural Guide Carmen Alveal,
Julie A. Cavignac
Primer/Guide UFRN 2020