NS Factory 2020 latest 1:1 made Nomos Tangomat 601 Replica Watches

Hello, everyone. Im laproter. Today I bring you the Nomos TANGOMAT series 601 watch. NOMOS is a brand that is relatively unfamiliar to everyone. Now I will give you a brief explanation: Nomos is a well-known German watch brand founded by Ferdinand Adolph Lange in 1845. It is a continuation of the legend of Glashutte watches, research and development, manufacture movement, is one of many watch manufacturers in the world watch industry.

Prior to this, the replica watches version of NOMOS was made by the OS factory, and the OS factory has stopped production in 2018. The best manufacturer on the market now is the Nomos Replica Watches Tangomat 601 from the NS factory that laproter will be evaluating today. This time NS also launched 4 models for everyone to choose.

1:1 Nomos Tangomat 601 Replica Watch

Among all NOMOS watches, the NOMOS TANGOMAT series 601 can be said to be the most popular one, with a plate size of 38.5mm, which fits most people's wrists. The 1:1 Tangomat 601 Replica Watch of NS is a one-to-one mold copy as a whole, regardless of the size of the watch head, case or buckle strap.

1:1 Nomos Tangomat 601 Replica Watch

Its mirror surface adopts sapphire glass mirror surface, the transparency is quite high. The time can be read clearly from any angle. The surface of the disk is very concise. Below 12 o'clock is the NOMOS LOGO, and the NS depicts it very well, the size and thickness are the same. The digital scale and LOGO have slight protrusions that feel very shiny and shiny, which is also consistent with the counter. Want to get more 1:1 replica watches with real sapphire glass ? Please click Rep Watches

Above 6 o'clock is its seconds dial. The second dial has a CD pattern effect, very detailed. The slender roasted blue steel needle is the essence of TANGOMAT601. This brings the Bauhaus style to its extreme. Obviously, the NS factory has done it, and it is currently the only pointer to the version. The thickness of the crown is exactly the same, and the workmanship of the triangular pit pattern is very delicate. The angular treatment of the lugs is very good, exactly the same as the original. The shell is polished and polished to shine like a mirror.

1:1 Nomos Face

The NSTANGOMAT 601 uses a customized DUW 5001 movement with a power reserve of 70 hours. The position of the balance wheel is the same as the original super clone rolex one. The overall deck layout is the same. The movement deck is very polished! The detailed lettering on the bottom cover is also very good! The fonts are almost the same in all aspects as the original ones! The strap is made of sturdy, delicate cordovan leather, which is easy to take care of. It is dusty and can be removed with a gentle rub. The simple pin buckle style and size are consistent with the original.

1:1 Nomos Side 1:1 Nomos Straps

1:1 Nomos Tangomat 601 Replica Watches has a concise but concise design style. The 38.3mm diameter design is very suitable for both business and leisure wear.

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