2020 Rolex Submariner 126610lv Hulk Green and buy its replica watch

In 2020, Rolex will first decline and then rise. It will first suspend the new release in March, and then five months later, on September 1st, the Submariner series will be updated across the board with a new case and new movement. The most popular one is the Rolex Submariner 126610lv Hulk Green.

In 2003, Rolex launched 16610LV. LV in the model is the abbreviation of French LunetteVerte (green bezel). It uses a 40mm stainless steel case, a green unidirectional aluminum bezel, a black dial and a stainless steel Oyster strap to commemorate the Rolex Submariner 50th anniversary of its birth. Now everyone may be accustomed to watching colorful, you must know that before this, the GMT-Master series was the only sporty Rolex watch with a colorful bezel. Therefore, the labor fans at the time were not cold to the green circle water ghost, and many people condemned it for destroying the 16610's consistent black aesthetics. Rolex remained unmoved, and actually continued production until 2010 before discontinuing production. Then, Rolex launched a new generation 116610LV, now not only the bezel is green, but also upgraded to ceramic material, even the dial has become a green sunburst surface! The lugs are thicker and the crown guard is more square, so it is commonly known as Green Hulk.

2020 Rolex Submariner 126610lv Hulk Green

Now the third-generation Rolex Submariner 126610lv has returned to the same green bezel with black dial as the first-generation 16610LV. Rolex may be the originator of Internet iteration, always making small steps to improve, and every time I look at it, I feel that there is no change. If the time scale is enlarged, revolutionary changes will be discovered. This time, the change of the 904L stainless steel case (https://www.findreplicawatches.is/rolex-c-1009.html) of Submariner 126610LV from 40mm to 41mm was a crucial step. The classic 40mm size of Submariners has remained unchanged after decades of wind and rain, and now this millimeter change can be described as a revolution. But in order to maintain the evolutionary tradition, Rolex tried its best to minimize the visual impact: the new 126610LV case is more classic than its predecessor, with narrower, more retro lugs and a streamlined appearance running through the sides of the case. The overall design is better maintained and this detail helps to create a better light effect.

2020 Rolex Submariner 126610lv Hulk Green

The width of the outer lugs was reduced from 27.5 mm to 26.7 mm, and the width of the bracelet at the lugs was expanded from 20 mm to 21 mm. This means that the steel chain of the old Sub cannot perfectly match the new generation of Sub. From a design point of view, we believe that the new case/lug/bracelet combination is an improvement over the previous generation of Sub and is more in line with history. The wearability is very good. The green Cerachrom unidirectional rotating bezel is inherited from the Hulk. Now the size of the ceramic bezel has been slightly changed due to the increase in the overall diameter of the watch. Dont even dream of removing the bezel of the second-generation Green Water Ghost . It is still Rolexs own patented alumina ceramic, so its replica watches manufacturers always do not simulate this color. Other ceramic bezels should be made of zirconia ceramics with different crafts and materials, so it is very difficult to imitate 100%. (However, N factory and AR factory will be a surprise).

Hulk Green's bezel is still as delicate as it is, with 120 clicks in a circle, providing excellent grip through the knurled edge. A 60-minute platinum scale is deposited in the groove; when Omega launched the ceramic ring constellation a while ago, I studied it and found a bug in its fixed bezel; now looking back, the matte black dial maintains the typical layout of Submariner, with large luminous hours The markers are simple in shape, including triangles, circles, rectangles, and wide hour and minute hands, all filled with Chromalight luminescent material, emitting long-lasting blue light, and having higher readability in dark conditions. Overall, Rolex has retreated from the previous generation of MAXI dials, and the time scales are not so exaggerated. At 6 o'clock, a small crown logo appeared in the middle of the Swiss Made text, representing a new generation of 3235 movement. I took a photo of the laser crown and the double crown of this crown.

2020 Rolex Submariner 126610lv Hulk Green

Here I want to find the shortcomings for the 2020 Rolex Submariner 126610lv Hulk Green. At least in early September, the printing process level of the new Submariner batch that was shown to the media has declined. The watch hands still maintain the manufacturing level of Rolex, the stamping edges are neat and free of burrs. In fact, even the thinnest second hand Rolex has done a slight edge chamfering and deburring. This is also one of the criteria for identifying its rolex replicas for sale.

2020 Rolex Submariner 126610lv Hulk Green

The 126610LV is also a Triplock triple-lock crown, which is waterproof to 300 meters after tightening. The sturdy case back protects the new self-winding mechanical calibre 3235. It was launched in 2017 and used for the first time in the Sea-Dweller 43mm. Now it has finally completely replaced the 3135 calibre equipped with Submariner Date since 1988. The new movement incorporates the patented Chronergy escapement system, which combines high energy efficiency with high reliability. It is made of nickel-phosphorus and is not sensitive to electromagnetic interference. Thanks to this innovative geometry, the efficiency of the escapement has been increased by 15%. The new 904L stainless steel solid chain oyster bracelet is flawless, and the wide and flat three-piece link has a satin and polished surface. Equipped with an Oysterlock safety buckle to prevent accidental opening. The Glidelock system is simple and practical. The length of the bracelet can be fine-tuned in 2 mm increments, totaling approximately 20 mm.

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