ZF Factory Made The Super IW371446 Replica Watch

Hello everyone. For replica watches. The first thing everyone will consult is definitely its quality. After all, replica watches are just substitutes made according to the genuine ones. For Portugalieser Chronograph. The best-made version is the V2 version of the Portuguese meter from ZF Factory. Of course there are also many businesses. This IW371446 Replica watch is advertised as the V3 version. However, the ultimate version of the Portugieser Chronograph of the ZF factory is the V2 version. At the same time, the details of the workmanship also restore the beauty of the original to the greatest extent. At the same time, the Portugieser Chronograph series of ZF IWC can be described as the most shining star in replica watches. Meanwhile, IW371446 Replica watch is loved by many watch lovers for its high cost performance. Not only men love it. Even some ladies love it. Like a free and easy beauty. There is a huge energy "surging" in my heart. Dressed in a neat black suit. With a large size IWC Portuguese series blue hand chronograph watch. It looks domineering and full of charm. Of course, it is also an artifact that is very worth starting. At the same time, the overall watch quality is also very reliable!

IW371446 Replica Watch

ZF factory IW371446 V2 Ultimate Edition has a high degree of reduction. The ratio and curvature of the case are controlled very accurately. The font and size of the dial numbers are the same. It's hard to tell the difference. Whether it is a dial or a sub-dial. Details such as hands and crowns. There is not much difference between ZF factory products and genuine products. Enter the close-up. Let's look at the details. Regardless of the CD pattern and depth of the small seconds. Still point figures and pointer shapes. Here ZF is synchronized with the original rhythm. At the same time, the overall watch is still very good in terms of workmanship! It is also a replica watces version worth starting!

IW371446 Replica Watch
It can be said that all the Portugieser Chronograph series styles, their replica watches are made on the basis of the style 371446, with a diameter of 40.9mm. We often say 41mm. The mirror surface is made of sapphire crystal glass, and the surface is coated with a blue anti-glare optical film. Therefore, the mirror surface will give a blue texture at a certain angle. The case is forged from 316 stainless steel. The overall streamlined lines and rounded polishing are very good. Three handlebar structures are arranged on the right side of the housing. The 2 o'clock position is the start and pause button for timing, the middle is the timing button, and the bottom is the timing home button. It is not too different from the traditional timepiece.

Side IW371446 Replica Watch

In the case part. From the side, the ZF factory does better than the 3A. The most obvious place is the lug part. The thickness and details of the workmanship of the ZF factory are not inferior to the genuine ones.
Portugieser Chronograph Series Active Mechanical Chronograph IW371446 Replica Watch, brushed stainless steel case thickness 12.3mm diameter 40.9mm dome-shaped high-transparent sapphire mirror 7750 Dandong customized active mechanical chronograph movement (precise time adjustment) leather strap Folding buckle.
This IW371446 Replica Watch also made a revision before this. The timing buttons on the crown are not on the same horizontal line. And the timing crown in the center should be slightly higher than the timing buttons on the left and right. This is closer to the original.

Back and blue strap IW371446 Replica Watch
The appearance and workmanship details are the same thick. exquisite. It's hard to tell the truth from the fake. But. Compared to the old Portuguese meter. There is another disadvantage on the back cover movement. The old Portuguese meter has no loopholes due to its lack of clarity. The new souvenir models are due to the bottom line. Although the movement is polished in accordance with the authenticity. But people in the field may still see it. Therefore, the editor is pertinent. If you are too searching for perfection. The demand is still steady. If you dont wear it on your wrist, you wont be satisfied at a glance. Then you can safely choose boldly.
Summary: We made a simple evaluation of the details of the Super IW371446 Replica Watch V2 version of ZF factory. In terms of details, the overall watch also restores the original to the greatest extent. Friends who like it can also buy it boldly!

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